May 25, 2008

Which Way to the Front?

"Another glaring inconsistency regarding the 'war on terror' is the fact that
for some seven years since the 9/11 attacks,
our nation's borders and ports are as open and porous as ever.
These open borders make the argument that "we are fighting them over there,
so we won't have to fight them over here" look...laughable.

...In fact, the last constitutional conflict that the U.S. military fought was World War II.
Virtually every war since has been a U.N. manufactured and manipulated conflict.
The war in Iraq is no different.

...No, my friends. The real war is not a "war on terror." The real war is a war against
constitutional government, personal liberty, and national sovereignty."

-- Open Borders Prove "War On Terror" Is Superficial,
Chuck Baldwin May 23, 2008

('Course he ain't gonna make president, and you might not agree with everything on his website...still an essay worth reading.)

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